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Hart InterCivic Agrees to Comply

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Subject: Hart InterCivic Agrees to Comply with Future Open Source Mandate
Contact: Alan Dechert
Phone (916) 791-0456

SAN MATEO, CALIFORNIA -- Hart InterCivic became the second voting machine vendor to agree to comply with any requirement to publicly disclose technical information about how their voting machines work should that become a requirement of state or federal law. At today's San Mateo County Board of Supervisors meeting, where the contract was approved, Assessor-County Clerk-Recorder Warren Slocum stated that the contract was worded to make it clear that Hart InterCivic would comply with any future voting system requirements that become law including, "open source."

In June, Alameda County made a similar stipulation in their contract with Sequoia Voting Systems. These developments are significant because the main objection to AB 2097 (Goldberg, D-Los Angeles), sponsored by Open Voting Consortium, was that vendors might leave the state rather than comply with public disclosure of their voting system technology. "One-by-one, we will remove the obstacles to our goal," said Alan Dechert, President of Open Voting Consortium. "Voters have a right to know how their votes are counted. For some reason, Legislators feared that our bill could lead to a situation where no voting machine vendors would want to do business in California, or it might lead to a sole source. Today, we have proof that multiple vendors, if not all, will cooperate."

Open Voting Consortium is a nonprofit non stock California corporation that seeks to bring about voting systems where your ballot is secret, but all other aspects of election administration are subject to public review in a regular and systematic way.

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