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Legislative Efforts Having Impact

Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren with Alan Dechert at a meeting last week. Lofgren is chair of the House Administration sub-committee on elections.

OVC is promoting legislation at the federal, state, and local level, to bring about complete transparency in the administration of public elections. The sooner we eradicate secret vote counting methods the better!

During the House Administration hearings (sub-committee on elections, chaired by Lofgren) last month, four of the witnesses spoke primarily about open source. Several of the bills (including HR 811, topic of these hearings) introduced in Congress have technology disclosure language.

We've had a hand in getting changes in the bill language. More meetings are planned.

Last year, State Senator Bowen (now Secretary of State Bowen) congratulated me for pushing for the first ever hearing on open source software for elections. Now the subject is coming up regularly at the local and federal level too.

Last year we sponsored AB 2097, which was carried by Assemblymember Jackie Goldberg (Los Angeles). This year, Assemblymember Krekorian (Burbank) is determined to see his election reform bill passed. It is set to be heard in the Assembly elections committee next Tuesday (Apr 17). It is similar to AB 2097 and has a more gradual timetable for implementation.

Our efforts in San Francisco might be the most interesting yet. The impact of decisions there could be seen sooner than federal or state legislation. The Board of Supervisors' Budget & Finance committee refused to move on the pending Sequoia contract because they insisted on technology disclosure language.

Now, officials in San Francisco are looking at adopting policy and/or legislation that would require full public disclosure of all voting system technology. This Wednesday, (Apr 18), the Elections Commission will discuss a general policy statement on the subject.

Stay tuned as we move forward. Your attention and support will help ensure success.

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