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Bowen Urges Los Angeles to go for Open Source Voting

On her conference call with the Courage Campaign Wednesday, California Secretary of State Debra Bowen urged Los Angeles to go for an open source voting solution.

We heard some pretty strong statements in support of open voting when she was running for office, but not so much since she was elected [1].

I think this is her strongest public statement so far in support of the idea we have been promoting for so many years. Go to 40:00 minutes into the program to hear what she says about that.

Will LA go for open voting? I don't have a prediction at this point, but I can tell you that I handed Secretary Bowen our demo disk on March 7th in LA and I also handed one to acting registrar, Dean Logan. On the 21st of March, I gave a demo and presentation to Dean Logan and staff at their Norwalk offices. I spoke with Dean Logan yesterday, and we agreed to continue talking about it.

Overall, I think we are making some progress with the consensus building.

Thank you for your support.

Alan Dechert
[1] She wrote a somewhat indirect letter in support of our AB 852 in April of last year, although her office had opposed a couple of key provisions that were in the bill as introduced. Also, in August at the press conference where she announced her decisions coming out of the top-to-bottom review, she said she hoped vendors would start offering open source systems.

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