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My Testimony at February 8th Secretary of State's Hearing

By Alan
Created 2010 Mar 24 - 7:30am
The California Secretary of State's February 8th hearing on "The Future of Voting in California: The People, the Equipment, the Costs [1]" was a good overview of where we are at with voting system reform.

Open Voting Consortium has been pushing Open Source, Open Standards, and the Electronic Ballot Printer (EBP) design. While not yet evident in the systems in use today, I am happy to report that these concepts are taking hold; Progress seems glacial at times, but we are getting there.

I attended and testified. I did not submit written testimony at the time because I wanted to hear what was said and respond to that. My written submission [2] is now available.

Here is a summary of what I said:

Thank you for your support!

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