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Our election system has been stolen before our eyes. The news media refuse to cover it because they are bought and sold by the same corporate felons that are stealing our elections. Time to take grassroots action!
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How to Lobby

The “tricks of the trade” for persuading legislators are not a secret, but a tried and true formula. The OVC Activist Guide gives you everything from the essential Open Voting talking points to how to make an effective presentation. OVC will have exciting and very needed legislation in California in 2006 that will need your help. Sign up to join the team and lobby in Sacramento, via mail or email or at you’re the district office of your legislators.

Help Bring an Open Voting Forum to Your Area

We live in challenging times because critical issues like the integrity of the voting process are not covered in the mainstream media! You and your friends can help get the word out on problems with current voting systems and the Open Voting solution by hosting a forum. See our guide to learn how and call us for support. Also, see our discussion list.

Join the OVC Speakers Bureau

Are you a capable public speaker and ready to help take our election system back? Get in touch with OVC and volunteer and we will send you support materials and coordinate engagements for you in your geographic region.

Write Letters to the Editor and Editorials

Guess what folks: the corporate media/mainstream press is not covering the “stolen election” or the Open Voting solution. You can help us win support throughout California and the Nation by watching your local news and editorial spaces and injecting some powerful truth into this extremely important forum. Your neighbors trust you more than they trust “the news” or our “leaders.” Read the OVC Activist Guide and About OVC brochure for framing your arguments and points of discussion. We will be posting old and new examples of letters here soon.

Sponsor a House Party

Holding an OVC House Party can raise funds and consciousness as well as be a lot of fun. The idea is to invite friends over who are politically active and aware, to have refreshments and a relaxed atmosphere, but also a dynamic speaker who can inform them, answer questions and hopefully stimulate support and further involvement. It is about growing our movement, but also having fun. If you are interested, call or email us.

Support Candidates Who Support Open Voting

OVC believes that reform of voting and elections should be a marquee issue in elections in 2006 in California. We want you to ask your candidates for Senate or Assembly and Executive offices from the Governor to the Treasurer: “Are you for Open Voting?” If the answer is no, then its time to go. We are working in coordination on a open voting and clean campaign thrust with the California Clean Money Campaign and encourage you to also ask candidates their question: “Are you for Clean Money?” Time to get elected officials back in the service of the People!

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