Keepin’ it Real with Will & Willie

I’ll be on Keepin’ it Real with Will & Willie tomorrow morning at 7:30a. That’s Will Durst, the comedian/satirist and Willie Brown, former San Francisco Mayor and former California legislator. It’s 960 AM on the dial or you can listen via Internet. I’ll be talking about the upcoming San Francisco Elections Commission forum this Wednesday evening. Also, I’ll talk about how industry folks like Diebold are trying to kill the bill we are sponsoring, AB 2097 (D-Goldberg, Los Angeles). This bill would require full public disclosure of all technical details (including source code) for voting systems as part of the certification process. Here’s the letter we received last Thursday. It’s full of bald assertions, deception, lies, irrelevancies, etc. We’ll need some help to successfully fight this battle. AB 2097 is set to be heard April 18 1:30 pm in room 444 of the Capitol Building.

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