Open Voting Consortium and Clean Money Campaign Team Up for Open House at California Democratic Party Retreat in Manhattan Beach

The Open Voting Consortium and California Clean Money campaign sponsored a highly successful Open House acquainting rank and file California Democrats with Open Voting and consolidating support for the already well known Clean Money issue. The event was held at the Manhattan Beach Marriot where the California Democratic Party held its Executive Committee meeting on January 27th and 28th.

Alan Dechert introduced the crowd to Open Voting and also did a great warm up for Ms. Bowen, who is running for secretary of State. Alan noted that legislation related to Open Voting is shaping up, but there is no bill number as yet. Eric Tang of the California Clean Money campaign closed out the evening by pointing out that elected officials aren’t beholden to rich interests for campaign funds that many of our other problems like health care will be more likely to be less intractable. He urged folks to call their Assembly members to help pass AB-583, which is scheduled for a vote any day. Learn more about the Clean Money campaign at

Mimi Kennedy makes a serious point at the Open Voting and Clean Money Open House

Television star and Open Voting Foundation Board member Mimi Kennedy acted as MC and also spoke strongly in favor of both Open Voting and Clean Money. Senator Debra Bowen was the other star of the evening and she stirred the crowd with a great speech on why the voting system must be fixed, if we are to restore faith in elections and our democracy. She pointed out that computer cards used in Diebold voting machines are the same as those for checking the level of corn moisture and anyone can buy them on the Internet.

Pat Higgins, who is volunteering as OVC Outreach Coordinator, helped organize the event.

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