Sequoia Agrees to Comply with any Open Source legal requirements

Opposition to our open voting bill AB 2097 (Goldberg) was predicated on vendor non-compliance. They said our law would cost the state huge sums because vendors would refuse to go along.

We have proven this to be false. At the Alameda County Board of Supervisors meeting last week (Jun 6), the registrar of voters, Dave MacDonald described the contract with Sequoia. He said that the agreement includes a provision that says the vendor will comply with any state or federal law that requires open source. You can listen here.

This is a major victory for advocates of open source software for elections. Jim Soper deserves credit for working with the supervisors on this. Other Open Voting supporters that have relentlessly worked on Alameda county officials include Michelle Gabriel, Jerry Berkman, Pat Sax and quite a few others (The list is long, so I apologize in advance for omissions).

This also serves to show how far we’re brought this into the public consciousness. A voting software disclosure requirement is now anticipated.

Thanks to all that support this effort!

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